Road Tape Applicators

Century Tool's Highway Tape Applicators are designed to apply tape and adhesive to all road surfaces for temporary and permanent marking. Our machines can be used with most every manufacture's products. Click on the machine names below for more information.

Manual Highway Tape Applicator

The 12” Manual Tape Applicator offers an operator interface with a pull-back handle making application easier and providing straighter tape lines. This unit has double line and in-groove capabilities with a scissor style blade.

18" Motorized Highway Tape Applicator

The 18” Motorized Tape Applicator has wider tape width abilities and an added self-propelled capability for easier installation. It is capable of applying two 6 inch tapes with 6 inch spacing between lines with a scissor cut blade style.

Tamper Cart

The Tamper Cart is designed to apply the correct amount of pressure to the highway tape per the customers’ specifications. It is capable of having up to 200 lbs. of weights over a 8” long rubber roller.

Primer Spray Applicator

The Adhesive Spray Applicator applies an even coat of sprayable adhesive to the pavement to prepare it for preformed markings coated with pressure sensitive adhesive. The automatic features reduce primer waste and provide easy clean-up.

Enhanced Highway Tape Applicator

The Enhanced Highway Tape Applicator is a push type cart used to apply pavement marking tape. It offers reliable material feeding and easy threading capabilities that is not sensitive to tape-set and reduces tape fold-over. This unit has double line and in-groove capabilities with a guillotine style blade.